(After) After Existentialism: UK Sartre Society Conference 2017

This year’s conference — After Existentialism, with keynote speaker Professor Christina Howells — was our first with parallel sessions. This meant a total of 13 talks (yes, I know that’s an odd number) before the keynote and a lot of difficult decisions for delegates.
I was very impressed with the ones I heard — two on existentialism and psychotherapy, two on the construction of gender, two on authenticity and inauthenticity, and one on the phenomenology of reading, finishing with an excellent keynote address arguing that Peter Sloterdijk’s superficially existentialist philosophy is, on closer consideration, profoundly anti-Sartrean.

We are very grateful to Maison Française d’Oxford for the use of their excellent building and for providing such great coffee, and to their regular caterers for a superb lunch. We were lucky with the weather, so the beautiful garden was a bonus. We hope to return to this venue in future years.

Jon Webber, President of UK Sartre Society 

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One week to go! UK Sartre Society Conference 2017

We’ve an all star line up for this year’s UK Sartre Society conference and it’s now just over one week to go! After Existentialism will take place on Tuesday 18 July 2017 in Oxford, UK and we’re delighted that Christina Howells is able to join us as our keynote speaker.

A slightly revised timetable for the conference is now available.

You can review the conference abstracts here. 


Look forward to seeing you in Oxford!


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Full line-up for UKSS 2017 After Existentialism Conference

We’re excited to announce the full, provisional line-up for this year’s UK Sartre Society (UKSS) conference taking place in Oxford, UK on Tuesday 18 July 2017. If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to book your place now!


Download a PDF of the schedule

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UKSS 2017 After Existentialism: Programme Out Now!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a paper for this year’s UK Sartre Society conference After Existentialism. As always the quality and range of submissions were extremely high.

We are very pleased to announce the programme for this year’s conference which will take place on Tuesday 18 July 2017 at Maison Française, Oxford from 9.00-17.00. Our keynote is Professor Christina Howells (Oxford).

Registration is now open. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford in July!

Submitted Papers

The Second Sex: from idealism to materialism and back
Katja Čičigoj (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen)

Mindfulness after Existentialism – Through the Mind’s Eye
Ruth Kitchen (EHESS Paris)

Seriality and the Crisis of Democracy. Taking Sartre into Democratic Theory
Matthias Lievens (KU Leuven)

The Body is a Situation: Beauvoir outside the Sex-Gender Distinction
Emma Jane McNicol (Monash)

The Existential Subject and Freedom in Learning: a Dialogue with Sartre
Miranda Matthews (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Sartre’s Theory of the Author-Reader Relationship
Marieke Mueller (University of Paris Nanterre)

The Critique of Presence: Sartre’s Influence on Derrida
Gavin Rae (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Sartre’s Existential Agnotology: Toward an Ethics of Ignorance
Blake Scott (University of Windsor)

Untenable Positions: Existentialism and the Case against the Unconscious Mind
Ian Scrannage (South Gloucestershire and Stroud College)

Alain Badiou: A Student of Sartre
Chingshun Sheu (National Taiwan University)

Authenticity: A Meaningful Ethic
Kyle Shuttleworth (Queens University Belfast)

Existentialism and Political Failure: Lessons for Today
Michael Sigrist (George Washington University)

Sartre’s Conceptions of Agency and Its Value for the Philosophy of History
Sina Talachian (Kings College London)

Inauthenticity and Violence: The Case of Antisemitism
Dror Yinon (Bar-Ilan University)

How can I register? 

Registration includes lunch and refreshments. Registration is online only and the deadline for registering your participation is Friday 30 June 2017 at 17.00BST. 

Standard registration: £40.
UK Sartre Society members and Sartre Studies International subscribers: £30.
Students and unwaged registrants who are not members or subscribers: £30.
Students and unwaged registrants who are members or subscribers: £20.

What about overnight accommodation? 

Unfortunately we are not able to organise accommodation. One good way to stay in Oxford is to stay in an Oxford college. Keble is closest to the venue. Mansfield and Magdalen are also nearby. You can book rooms via University Rooms Oxford.


Picture credits: Paris – St-Germain-des-Prés: Café de Flore by Wally Gobetz is licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, Sartre by http://www.flickr.com/people/69061470@N05 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/government_press_office/6470403371/, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37461801 and de Beauvoir by MILNER MOSHE [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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North American Sartre Society (NASS) CFP Out Now!


***UPDATE! Please note the conference will now take place 3-5 November 2017***

The North American Sartre Society (NASS) are pleased to announce their 23rd meeting, taking place 3-5 10-12 November 2017 at the University of LaVerne, LaVerne, CA, USA. The conference theme is Existential Psychoanalysis and the keynote speaker is Michael Guy Thompson (Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California). Michael’s latest book is The Death of Desire: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness


 The call for papers is out now! Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2017 

 “The North American Sartre Society invites proposals for its twenty-third conference, to be hosted by Dane Sawyer at the University of LaVerne…

As always, we welcome papers in any area of Sartre scholarship, including but not limited to philosophy, literature, theater, psychology, politics, intellectual history, art and music.  The North American Sartre Society encourages diverse and pluralistic approaches to Sartre Studies.

The conference theme for 2017 will be “Existential Psychoanalysis.”  In addition to the keynote address, we hope to have a showing of the Freud Scenario film as well as a “common read” open discussion on the topic of existential psychoanalysis.

We invite proposals for individual papers as well as panel presentations.  Reading time for papers should be 20-25 minutes maximum.  We also invite nominations for Book Sessions on recent publications in Sartre Studies.

Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. We hope to provide a limited number of stipends for graduate students to help defray the costs of lodging.  If you are eligible for and interested in a stipend, please note this when you submit your proposal.

All those whose papers are accepted are required to become members of the North American Sartre Society (if they are not already) in order to participate in the conference.

To submit a proposal: Please email a detailed abstract of 1-2 pages (approx. 300-600 words) as a file attachment to Elizabeth Butterfield. For panel proposals, please submit an abstract for the panel itself as well as abstracts for each individual paper.  Proposals (and final presentations) may be written in English or French. All proposals will be forwarded to the Program Committee for blind review.”

Conference announcement in French and English

Image credit: University of Laverne by Joanne C Sullivan is licensed CC BY-NC 2.0 

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Colloque annuel du GES 2017 – Appel à contributions


We are excited to announce that our friends and colleagues at Group d’etudes Sartriennes (GES) are hosting their annual conference during June 2017 and that their call for papers is now open!

The announcement in full:

“Le Groupe d’Études Sartriennes lance son appel pour le colloque annuel qui se tiendra les 23 et 24 juin 2017 à Paris Ve (lieu à préciser).

Le GES propose aux enseignants et chercheurs débutants ou confirmés de soumettre une proposition de communication scientifique originale portant sur la pensée et les écrits de Sartre (littérature, philosophie, textes politiques), ou dont l’objet (auteur, question) est en relation directe avec ceux-ci. L’objectif du GES, qui réunit chaque année une soixantaine de spécialistes de Sartre (universitaires ou non) est de soutenir le développement des perspectives nouvelles sur cette œuvre majeure, de permettre aux enseignants et aux chercheurs de présenter leurs travaux en cours et de promouvoir les études sartriennes à un niveau international.

Outre une session Varia destinée à mettre en valeur les contributions originales aux études sartriennes (tous sujets), le GES souhaite, pour l’édition 2017 :

– Encourager des propositions de communication au sujet des Inédits régulièrement publiés dans la revue Études sartriennes, tels « Caractères » (Scénario Joseph Lebon, n. 11, ), « Mai-Juin 1789 » & « Liberté-Égalité » (Sartre Inédit, n.12), « Je ne suis plus réaliste » (Sartre, l’histoire et les historiens, n. 14), « La technique du roman et les grands courants de la pensée contemporaine » (Les conférences du Havre sur le roman, n. 16), « Les racines de l’éthique » (n. 19) ; « Empédocle » (Inédits de jeunesse, n. 20).

– Encourager toute proposition relative aux Archives radiophoniques (entretiens, causeries et autres) et, plus largement, à la figure médiatique de Sartre. Toute information concernant l’accès à des archives publiques ou privées, ainsi que toute proposition technique relative à l’organisation de la session (qui comptera des moments d’écoute collective) sont également les bienvenues.

Les communications, généralement présentées en français, peuvent également l’être en anglais. Dans ce cas, il sera demandé à l’orateur de fournir, à l’avance, un résumé en français à destination des auditeurs du colloque.

Les propositions de communication, qui doivent comporter un titre et un résumé en un paragraphe, sont à faire parvenir aux secrétaires du GES pour le 26 février 2017. Les communications ne devront pas excéder 30 mn.

Prière de faire parvenir vos propositions de communication à l’adresse électronique personnelle des secrétaires, et non à l’adresse du GES. En cas d’envoi postal, merci de les adresser à Florence Caeymaex.

Pour les propositions qui concernent les archives radiophoniques (accès aux archives, archives inédites, aspects techniques), merci de prendre contact directement par mail avec les secrétaires et avec Grégory Cormann.

Président du GES :
Michel Contat

Read more on the GES website.

Picture credit: Paris by barnyz is licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Generic

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Out now! Winter 2016 Sartre Studies International

Relax over the holidays and catch up on all the latest Sartre scholarship! Hot off the press is Winter 2016 (Volume 22, No 2) of Sartre Studies International. The issue features the following papers and book reviews:

Editors’ Introduction

Sartre, Lacan, and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis: A Defense of Lacanian Responsibility
Blake Scott

What Would I Do with Lacan Today? Thoughts on Sartre, Lacan, and Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Betty Cannon

Sartre face à la liberté du chien
Baya Messaoudi

Sartre on Mental Imagery
Noel N. Sauer

Organized Freedom and Progressive Reflection
Cameron Bassiri

Book Reviews

Thomas R. Flynn, Sartre: A Philosophical Biography
Review by Matthew C. Eshleman

Steven Churchill and Jack Reynolds, eds., Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts
Review by Eric Hamm

Benedict O’Donohoe, ed., Severally Seeking Sartre
Review by Eric Hamm

Sofia Miguens, Gerhard Preyer, and Clara Bravo Morando, eds., Pre-Reflective Consciousness: Sartre and Contemporary Philosophy of Mind
Review by Curtis Sommerlatte

Sarah Bakewell, At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails
Review by Adrian van den Hoven

Dan Williams, Klein, Sartre and Imagination in the Films of Ingmar Bergman
Review by Adrian van den Hoven

Mark Hulliung, Sartre and Clio: Encounters with History
Review by Michael Lejman

Kris Sealey, Moments of Disruption: Levinas, Sartre, and the Question of Transcendence
Review by Diane Perpich                                                                                       


So don’t delay, head on over to Berghahn Journals and check it out!

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After Existentialism: UKSS 2017 CFP

Mark the date and get your thinking caps on… the UK Sartre Society 2017 call for papers is out now! The 2017 conference topic is After Existentialism and the conference will be held at Maison Française d’Oxford, Oxford, UK on Tuesday 18 July 2017.

The conference keynote is Professor Christina Howells (Oxford).  Christina is author of Mortal Subjects: Passions of the Soul in Late Twentieth-Century French Thought (2011), Derrida: Deconstruction from Phenomenology to Ethics (1998), and Sartre: The Necessity of Freedom (1988), editor of French Women Philosophers: A Contemporary Reader (2004) and The Cambridge Companion to Sartre (1992), and coeditor of Stiegler and Technics (2013).

Call For Abstracts 

How have the central ideas of Beauvoir and Sartre been taken up, modified, and extended in subsequent philosophical and theoretical writings? To what extent can major works of philosophy and theory published from the immediate post-war period up to the present day be understood as continuations of existentialist ideas, despite perhaps being framed in opposition to existentialism or expounded entirely without reference to existentialism? And how might new readings of French existentialist works help to refine the ideas in these more recent works and to resolve problems that can be raised in objection to them?

We invite abstracts of papers addressing these questions in relation to phenomenology and philosophical psychology, moral and political philosophy, feminism and race theory, literary and aesthetic theory, and any other strands of French existentialism.

Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. Please bear in mind that each selected paper will be scheduled 30 minutes for presentation plus some time for questions.

Abstracts should be fully prepared for anonymous review and emailed as Word document attachments to: uksartresocietyconference [at] gmail.com

The closing date for submissions is 31st January 2017.


Picture credit: Sartre by http://www.flickr.com/people/69061470@N05http://www.flickr.com/photos/government_press_office/6470403371/, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37461801 and de Beauvoir by MILNER MOSHE [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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NASS 2016 Conference Programme out now!

If you are fortunate enough to be based Stateside then you’ll probably be aware that it’s only a couple of weeks now until the 22nd North American Sartre Society (NASS) conference hosted at University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)!

From 4-6 November UNCW will play host to scholars from around the world to discuss numerous facets of Sartre’s work. There’s a whole host of great sessions … from the roundtable discussion “It is right to rebel” on Sunday, to not one but TWO sessions dedicated to different facets of Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason. Not to mention Literature as Praxis and four separate sessions on different aspects of Sartre’s political thought. And if that wasn’t enough there is also Sarah Bakewell who is Saturday’s keynote with How to stop worrying and enjoy Sartre!

Needless to say, don’t miss it! You can check out the programme here or find out more about the conference. And of course, don’t forget to register!

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Existentialism & The Body: Recordings Out Now!

As many of you are aware we try to openly license and share on YouTube as many recordings of conference sessions as possible. I’m pleased to announce that recordings from this year’s conference are now available! Unfortunately due to technical issues we weren’t able to capture all sessions but the excellent papers captured here reflect what was an great conference.

And of course don’t forget to check out recordings of previous conferences and other playlists that we’ve put together for your viewing pleasure… as always, feedback welcome!

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