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North American Sartre Society (NASS) CFP Out Now!


***UPDATE! Please note the conference will now take place 3-5 November 2017***

The North American Sartre Society (NASS) are pleased to announce their 23rd meeting, taking place 3-5 10-12 November 2017 at the University of LaVerne, LaVerne, CA, USA. The conference theme is Existential Psychoanalysis and the keynote speaker is Michael Guy Thompson (Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California). Michael’s latest book is The Death of Desire: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness


 The call for papers is out now! Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2017 

 “The North American Sartre Society invites proposals for its twenty-third conference, to be hosted by Dane Sawyer at the University of LaVerne…

As always, we welcome papers in any area of Sartre scholarship, including but not limited to philosophy, literature, theater, psychology, politics, intellectual history, art and music.  The North American Sartre Society encourages diverse and pluralistic approaches to Sartre Studies.

The conference theme for 2017 will be “Existential Psychoanalysis.”  In addition to the keynote address, we hope to have a showing of the Freud Scenario film as well as a “common read” open discussion on the topic of existential psychoanalysis.

We invite proposals for individual papers as well as panel presentations.  Reading time for papers should be 20-25 minutes maximum.  We also invite nominations for Book Sessions on recent publications in Sartre Studies.

Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. We hope to provide a limited number of stipends for graduate students to help defray the costs of lodging.  If you are eligible for and interested in a stipend, please note this when you submit your proposal.

All those whose papers are accepted are required to become members of the North American Sartre Society (if they are not already) in order to participate in the conference.

To submit a proposal: Please email a detailed abstract of 1-2 pages (approx. 300-600 words) as a file attachment to Elizabeth Butterfield. For panel proposals, please submit an abstract for the panel itself as well as abstracts for each individual paper.  Proposals (and final presentations) may be written in English or French. All proposals will be forwarded to the Program Committee for blind review.”

Conference announcement in French and English

Image credit: University of Laverne by Joanne C Sullivan is licensed CC BY-NC 2.0 

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After Existentialism: UKSS 2017 CFP

Mark the date and get your thinking caps on… the UK Sartre Society 2017 call for papers is out now! The 2017 conference topic is After Existentialism and the conference will be held at Maison Française d’Oxford, Oxford, UK on Tuesday 18 July 2017.

The conference keynote is Professor Christina Howells (Oxford).  Christina is author of Mortal Subjects: Passions of the Soul in Late Twentieth-Century French Thought (2011), Derrida: Deconstruction from Phenomenology to Ethics (1998), and Sartre: The Necessity of Freedom (1988), editor of French Women Philosophers: A Contemporary Reader (2004) and The Cambridge Companion to Sartre (1992), and coeditor of Stiegler and Technics (2013).

Call For Abstracts 

How have the central ideas of Beauvoir and Sartre been taken up, modified, and extended in subsequent philosophical and theoretical writings? To what extent can major works of philosophy and theory published from the immediate post-war period up to the present day be understood as continuations of existentialist ideas, despite perhaps being framed in opposition to existentialism or expounded entirely without reference to existentialism? And how might new readings of French existentialist works help to refine the ideas in these more recent works and to resolve problems that can be raised in objection to them?

We invite abstracts of papers addressing these questions in relation to phenomenology and philosophical psychology, moral and political philosophy, feminism and race theory, literary and aesthetic theory, and any other strands of French existentialism.

Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. Please bear in mind that each selected paper will be scheduled 30 minutes for presentation plus some time for questions.

Abstracts should be fully prepared for anonymous review and emailed as Word document attachments to: uksartresocietyconference [at]

The closing date for submissions is 31st January 2017.


Picture credit: Sartre by, CC BY 3.0, and de Beauvoir by MILNER MOSHE [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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UK Sartre Society Conference 2016: Call For Papers!

Theme: Existentialism and the Body
Venue: St Peter’s College, Oxford
Date: Friday 1st July 2016 
Keynote speaker: Katherine Morris (Oxford)

Call For Abstracts

What can the theoretical, biographical, and literary works of Beauvoir, Fanon, Sartre and other existentialist thinkers contribute to our understanding of the role of the body in the structure of the mind and the constitution of the self? 

How should we understand the roles existentialists ascribe to the body in perception, imagination, emotion, self-consciousness, free agency, interpersonal relations, and social organisation? What contributions can these analyses make to current debates in philosophy, psychology, and psychiatry? What light do they shed on existential, ethical, or political issues concerning race, gender, or disability?

We invite abstracts of papers on these topics for the 2016 UK Sartre Society conference. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. Please bear in mind that each selected paper will be scheduled 30 minutes for presentation plus some time for questions.

Our keynote speaker will be Katherine Morris, author of Sartre (2007) and Starting with Merleau-Ponty (2012), coauthor of Descartes’s Dualism (1996), and editor of Sartre on the Body (2009).

Abstracts should be fully prepared for anonymous review and sent as email attachments to: uksartresocietyconference [at] 

The closing date for submissions is 31st January 2016.

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Final Call: Thinking with Sartre Today…

Time is running out! Only 10 more days to go before the CFP for the fantastic two-day Thinking with Sartre Today… conference closes. Taking place in Oxford, UK on 30-31 January 2015 this interdisciplinary conference invites contributions on a range of themes. Find out more about this exciting conference, which features keynote speakers John Gillespie (University of Ulster), Christina Howells (University of Oxford), Jean-François Louette (Paris IV Sorbonne) and Juliette Simont (Université Libre de Bruxelles), here.

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